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7 black ops stabilizer flaming arrow archery

7″ Hunter Stabilizer $60
There’s plenty of reason to get worked-up over our piston based stabilizer. Just keep in mind that every facet of its engineering is meant to do just the opposite.  Mass weight – .3 lbs or 4.8 oz. 7” Hunter stabilizers are available in Mossy Oak® brand Treestand®, Mossy Oak® brand Infinity®, and BlackOps™.

5 Ultra lite stabilizer flaming arrow archery

5″ Ultra-Lite Stabilizer $30
Our 5″ Ultra-Lite Stabilizer is lighter while remaining as effective as the leading competitors’ in removing vibration at the shot. The lightweight, durable design ensures good balance and promotes proper follow through, while the rubber over mold is quiet to the touch, protects against weathering conditions, and eliminates unwanted noise and vibration.  Mass weight – .4 lbs or 6.4 oz. Featured on BowTech and Diamond R.A.K. Equipped bows. Ultra-Lite stabilizers are available in black only.

7 balance x stabilizer flaming arrow archerybalance x 11 stabilizer flaming arrow archery

Balance X Stabilier $65
Introducing the Balance X, easily the most advanced and adjustable stabilizer on the market today. Our dampening material will neutralize vibration for a noticeably smoother shot. With a fully customizable length of 7”-11”, you can choose the length and weight that is right for your bow setup.  Mass Weight – .4 lbs or 6.4 oz. The Balance X stabilizers are available in Mossy Oak® brand Treestand® and Break-Up® Infinity™, Realtree™ APG, and Black Ops™.


stokerized stabilizers edge flaming arrow archery

Undoubtedly the best weight adjustable stabilizer on the market for your hard earned money. This 6″ hunting stabilizer is machined from solid 6061 aluminum and weights just over 6 oz. and comes standard with our New Saturn Dampener. The EDGE is totally weight adjustable with optional additional weights and is available in many popular camouflage finishes.
Available in following finishes: AP, LOST, MAX-1, AP SNOW AND BLACK
Now standard with our NEW SATURN DAMPENER on all EDGE models.

The EDGE w/ standard SATURN DAMPENER is 6″ in length and weighs 6 3/8 oz.
The EDGE w/ optional STEEL SATURN WT. is 6″ in length and weighs 10 3/4 oz.

DURAFUSE Camouflage finish is the most durable in the industry!

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Broadband Limbsavers – Solid                           Broadband LimbSavers – Split           UltraMax LimbSaver – Split


S-Coil Bow Stabilizer 4.5                                   UltraMax LimbSaver – Solid                  SuperQuad Split-Limb Dampener                                

AWS Modular Stabilizer                                          Everlast String Leech


Broadhead Pod                                                          FletchPod

Sawtooth Stabilizer (5.5")* - Purple pictureThe Sawtooth Stabilizer will surely turn heads, thanks to features including solid rod construction which provides durability and balance, resulting in a better balanced bow. The compact Sawtooth is 5.5 inches which makes it a great option for bowhunters and target archers at an affordable price. The Sawtooth Stabilizer comes with sawtooth style blades that look cool and when combined with the colored Nitro ring, quickly destroy noise and vibration so the bow becomes a quiet killer.   Now more than ever before, bowhunters like to customize their bows by adding colored accessories.  The Sawtooth stabilizer can be purchased with eight different colored rings including Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, and Yellow.  A version is also available in camo.  Weight: 4.6 oz.

 Cat Whiskers – Bow String Silencer


Cat Whisker bow string silencers have been one of the most popular silencers with bowhunters for decades. Lightweight rubber silencers attach easily to your bow string and do an excellent job reducing noise with little to no performance reduction. All-rubber construction is 100% waterproof. Sold by the pair. Trim to your desired look. Recommended to use serving material to tie in place for a more uniform look.

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