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  • $6 per day, all day
  • .75  additional for a new target
  • 20 yard short side holds 20+ archers
  • 10-40 yard long range to shoot, holds 16+ archers

TECHNO HUNT (Video Simulation of hunting) $12 per 30 mins, up to 4 people


Next Thursday, starting November 10th 4pm – 5pm,

KIDS NIGHT:  Fridays starting Nov 11th 6pm – 7pm

  • $5 per night per child to shoot, a target with their own bows
  • $10  per night per child to use a bow includes time to shoot
  • Ages between 5-13
  • This is a fun shoot, geared to teach the young archer how to use proper techniques, encourage good sportsmanship
  • There will be a different target each week
  • Play a game of Darts, Tic-Tac-Toe, shoot NFAA or Vegas targets.  We always have balloons for the kids!


Thursday nights @ 6:30pm, starting November 3rd – Vegas (Single or 3-spot)  Men and women
Vegas scoring, 3 arrows shot at each round, we will shoot 30 arrows the first night and work up to 60 arrows by the end of the 10 weeks.
This league is designed to build endurance, and improve shot techniques, there are quite a few shooters from the valley who are going to Vegas in February to compete in the tournament.  Learn and practice with some seasoned shooters as well as the new shooters.







NFAA–2017  League Information:

Sign Up NOW!!!  Winter Spot Leagues, Vegas or NFAA Starting January 3rd, 2017

10 consecutive weeks, cost is $70 for all 10 weeks, includes a new target.

Tuesday nights @ 6:30pm, starting January 3rd – NFAA (Single or 5-spot) Men and women
NFAA is shooting 60 arrows, 5 shots per round, 12 rounds totaling 60 arrows.
These are the NFAA targets used below:














10 Consecutive Weeks, $70 per person for the 10 weeks

Wednesday nights @ 6:30pm, starting January 4th – Vegas (Single or 3-spot)  Men and women
Vegas is shooting 60 arrows, 3 shots per round, 10 rounds, 2 games totaling 60 arrows.








Techno Hunt–starting week of January 2nd, customers can pick their day and time–during business hours of course. Shoot as a family or group of coworkers.  Just need up to 4 in a “team”.

$80 for 10 weeks per person.  Up to 4 people at a time.
Shoot a virtual hunt, while staying warm indoors.  You might get to hunt Big Game, Alaskan, Africa, or Little Critters.


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