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Carter Enterprises introduces the sweetest shooting back tension hinge release ever developed. The New “Honey” has combined some timeless features of Carter’s most popular releases along with new innovations to give you the most accurate and safe, hinged back tension release ever made.




The Slider is a new spike head style triggerless release that features a new incremental hook adjustment system. The slider is unlike any other triggerless release because it has the hook. The new head also has a fitted loop slot that consistently positions the loop in a positioned between the middle and ring finger which allows for easy draw and smooth friction free rotation.



2 Moon

The Carter 2 Moons is a back tension release incorporating a revolutionary clicker system that has adjustment unlike anything on the market. The new one of a kind split moon allows you to micro adjust the length of your clicker in .005 increments ranging from .0 to .030. Due to the split moon design the rotation of the release is as smooth after the click as it is before the click.



Only S

Available in large and small 2, 3 & 4 finger modelsDiscover the most significant improvement in hinge release technology in 50 years. The ONLY is simply the smoothest and fastest hinge release in the world. But it gets better. The angle can be adjusted up to 35 degrees, and with the revolutionary Variable Crescent Technology (V.C.T.), firing speed adjustments are limitless.




Get back to basics with the simple back-tension release. The comfortable contoured handle will fit any hand size. An improved version of the original Colby, this back-tension release is an excellent training aid. Utilizing Carter’s R.A.S. Technology, this release is a must for every archer wanting to improve their form and raise their scores.



atension2_3fing atens_hinge_lr
3 finger hinged 4 finger hinged


This back-tension release uses R.A.S. technology for precise adjustment. The ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and accuracy. It can be shot either with a D-loop or using the attached rope. Just wrap your fingers around it, settle on the X, relax your arm and tighten your back. Then listen to the crowd cheer after you nail it.


Once again Carter Enterprises gives you “whatever” you ask for. New for 2012, Carter introduces the Whatever index finger release aid. The new Whatever is the most versatile, yet simplistic index finger release ever created. The Whatever features a “one push” closed jaw system for the confidence of a completely enclosed loop. This jaw also has an innovated angled loop channel that self aligns the D-loop to the exact same position every time which guarantees accuracy. In addition this release offers you an extremely versatile tension changing system as well as our famous trigger travel adjustment system. The new Dowel Interchangeable Tension System (DITS) allows you to customize your trigger tension from approximately a one pound trigger all the way up to an amazing 10 pounds of trigger tension with the enclosed spring kit. You literally can have “whatever” trigger tension you desire without having unwanted trigger travel. Never before has there been a release that gives you “whatever” tension you need with such ease. This release comes standard with the top selling leather buckle strap with easy slide length adjustment.




Not everyone can always make that perfect shot, and the truth is that most trophies of a lifetime come along with a little luck. That’s why most people would admit that they “would rather be Lucky than good”. We at Carter agree, and that’s why we set to build a release that is ultra forgiving and ultra accurate by combining a brand new Carter innovation along with all of our best features of the past. The end result is the new “Lucky” by Carter Enterprises. The Lucky features a shorter head and reduced body size, as well as, the most customizable trigger tension system ever made. The new Magnetic Attraction Tension System (M.A.T.S.) is a fully adjustable trigger tension system using NO springs. The M.A.T.S. is the fastest and easiest trigger tension system ever created. Simply remove or add the trigger magnets quickly and easily by sliding them in or out of the release body for instant trigger tension customization. NO springs, NO corrosion, NO inconsistency in the trigger. By combining the M.A.T.S in addition to Jerry Carter’s proven double sear interior design, the Lucky equals consistent trigger fire regardless of bow weight. The Lucky also has an open hook design for quick loop loading without excessive loop wear. Check your local retailer today and see what it feels like to “Get Lucky!



Like Mike

Carter Enterprises has had the pleasure of having countless numbers of World Class Professionals shooting their release aids.When it comes to Professionals using wrist strap releases, Michael Braden stands out as one of their most decorated index finger release shooters. This collaboration led Carter’s design genius Jerry Carter to use Michael’s experience to collectively create the perfect index finger release, the Like Mike. The Like Mike features an ultra reliable, double sear interior for increased accuracy and repeatability while maintaining the least amount of trigger travel of any release Carter ever made. The trigger also has minimal “over travel” to eliminate any spongy feeling when fired, leaving you with a perfectly crisp feel and instant response. The trigger has a 0 to 5 pound adjustment range with the simple turn of a screw so you can tailor the trigger to the exact feel you prefer. It also features the popular open jaw design that loads quickly and silently on a d-loop for fast clean shots that give no excessive wear to the loop. The long and sleek design of the Like Mike is very aesthetically pleasing and fits perfectly for any shooter that prefers a longer bodied index finger release aid. The Like Mike comes standard with the Scott Adjustable Leather Buckle Strap for superb comfort and repeatable fit. Whether you are in the field, in the woods or on a shooting line, the Like Mike is the next generation in a long line of record setting Carter release aids.



Rx1 Rx2

The Rx releases are the prescription for any hardcore bowhunter or target archer. The Rx1 and Rx2 were collectively inspired by World renowned Bowhunter Dr. Randy Ulmer, Champion target archer Michael Braden and were designed by Jerry Carter. They are simply the fastest, quietest and most accurate wrist strap releases sold. The Rx series features a brand new magnetic hook return that closes with a simple squeeze of the finger. This unique self closing, open hook design is perfect for trouble-free shooting from a string loop. They come standard with a premium, fully adjustable leather buckle strap made by Scott. Dr. Ulmer has gone on record to say that he has finally found the ultimate hunting release in the new Rx2! The doctor’s orders are to take one Rx in the evening and call the taxidermist in the morning !



The Strapless incorporates some of the best features of a hand-held release and lightly mixed with the best of the index finger releases. The handle has a smooth swept back design with a peg on the thumb to assist in pulling. The trigger on the Strapless is based on Carter’s proven design and is fast and travel free to assure effortless shots. Hunters using face masks or shooters with beards will appreciate the open jaw for added accuracy and quick loading to the string. Get the best of both worlds and “Go Strapless”.



2 Shot

This index finger release has a triple sear which allows the pressure to be spread out over six points instead of the normal two. It features a beefed up casing and larger hasp opening. Also, this release was designed especially for clamping directly to the bow string, but works just as well with D-loop or rope tied to the release.




The open, self-closing hook quickly relocks following each shot, providing easier, faster loading on either a D-loop or serving. In addition, enjoy the benefit of silent loading and silent shooting without sacrificing accuracy. The Quickie Plus also features a new version of the popular Interchangeable Tension System for fast, easy spring changes.



Black- Black-Leather2
Black Velcro Strap Leather Buckle Strap
Scott-front Camo--W--Mold-2
Scott Buckle Strap Molded Camo Buckle



The Back Strap is the perfect wrist strap style release for competitive target archers and hunters alike. Designed after the Evolution Series, this innovative resistance activated release is fired by pulling, not punching. This is a sure fire way to overcome buck fever and target panic. The Back Strap is specially designed for wrist strap shooters providing even less torque then hand held release aids and comes with the Scott Archery Buckle Strap. The trigger acts as a safety and not a firing pin. The safety is depressed during the draw cycle of the bow and then released at reaching full draw. Once in the valley relax the index finger off the safety and begin pulling and building pressure on the back wall of the cam until the release fires. For safely letting down the bow the trigger can again be depressed and held down while relaxing the bow to rest. This is the best concept for struggling archers that want to learn to push and pull until the shot fires.




The Revolution is an alternative to Carter’s top selling Evolution release aid. This release is a sure cure for target panic and will teach proper shot execution and back tension. The release activates from increasing resistance and not from rotation. The Revolution has a casing designed perfect for the archer preferring vertical handle without a hole. The safety has been relocated to the pinky for trouble-free drawing and letting-down of the bow. Like its predecessor, the Revolution utilizes an open jaw for easy loading and unloading of the release on a loop. Join the revolution against target panic and shoot Carter’s Revolution!



Attraction S

The all new Attraction from Carter Enterprises has once again raised the bar in mechanical release aids. In the past, mechanical release designs limited the shooter to deciding on one shooting style or the other. However, the Attraction gives the shooter the option for shooting either a pull tension activated release or a thumb trigger activated release all in one comfortable unit by simply adjusting one Allen head screw you can change the release from being pull tension activation to the thumb trigger activation release.



Evolution +

Available in 3 & 4 finger models. The Evolution is a resistance activated release and is the perfect release for teaching proper shot execution. The release will fire when you increase the resistance. To fire the release hold the safety down as you pull back. Then once you get into your valley and anchor in, let your thumb off the safety and begin pulling and building pressure on the back wall of the cam until the release fires. This is a perfect concept for struggling archers; learning to do nothing but push and pull until the shot fires. Evolve into the best shooter you can be with the new Evolution.




Designed after the sleek shape of the new improved Back Strap, this innovative resistance activated release shoots in the reverse order. Just draw to anchor, press the trigger and then just pull to activate. Your shot will fire as draw weight increases. No punching, no panic! To let down, release pressure on your index finger, engage safety with your middle finger and let down. Squeeze Me for your perfect shot.


Carter Enterprises introduces a “sure to dominate” model for 2012, the Easy 1.
The Easy 1 has combined the top features of two of their best selling releases in to one model.
New from Carter is an amazing new release that is just Too Simple. Based on the hugely successful “Simple 1” release, the new Too Simple now features Carter Enterprises unique “double sear” trigger system which makes for the finest trigger travel adjustment on the market. A new set-screw tension adjustment allows for a super micro adjustable trigger tension by simply turning a screw. In addition, a newly improved, self-closing jaw allows for a cleaner release and trouble free loading onto a D-loop with just one push of a button. Like the Simple 1 the new Too Simple has an extremely comfortable handle, auto locking jaw with an ultra short head to help increase speed. The new Too Simple is available in a two, three and four finger handle configuration.




Carter Enterprises introduces a “sure to dominate” model for 2012, the Easy 1.
The Easy 1 has combined the top features of two of their best selling releases in to one model.
The Easy 1 is based on the hugely popular Simple 1 and the longtime favorite, the Target 4. By combining the one push self-closing Dead Jaw of the Simple 1 with the finger position and ergo fit of the Target 4 we have engineered our easiest and most comfortable model yet.




Plain doesn’t always mean boring. Carter Enterprises introduces the Plain 1, new four finger thumb trigger release.
The Plain one cocks and closes the jaw in one smooth easy motion allowing a very fast and easy loading on a d-loop. Our proven sear design gives you an exceptional trigger for unsurpassed accuracy. The Plain 1 features a shorter head for added draw length and a very quiet shot. Shoot one today and see how such a Plain 1 can be so exceptional.



Simple 1

Looking for a hand held release that is easy to use but you don’t want to sacrifice quality and adjustment?
Carter Enterprises introduces the New Simple 1.
The Simple one gives you the consistency and accuracy that Carter Releases are famous for, along with a new simple operation. Simply push in on the cocking lever to close the jaw and cock it in one smooth motion around your d-loop. Simple. The Simple 1 features our proven thumb trigger sear design with easy one screw travel adjustment. Simple. The Simple 1 features our proven Interchangeable Tension Adjustment system (I.T.S.) for easy trigger tension changes. Simple. A new shorter head design helps add precious draw length.
Try one today and see how easy archery can be with the Simple 1.





“They won’t even hear you coming…”
Because of the Whispers success last year, Carter is proud to add the Whisper Small for 2011. Just as the name implies, the Whisper is the quietest hand held release Carter Enterprises has ever made. Four strategically placed O-rings silence the sear mechanisms for a Whisper quiet shot without sacrificing the precision and accuracy Carter is known for.




Attraction S

The all new Attraction from Carter Enterprises has once again raised the bar in mechanical release aids. In the past, mechanical release designs limited the shooter to deciding on one shooting style or the other. However, the Attraction gives the shooter the option for shooting either a pull tension activated release or a thumb trigger activated release all in one comfortable unit by simply adjusting one Allen head screw you can change the release from being pull tension activation to the thumb trigger activation release. The Attraction is a perfectly harmonized combination of the top selling Evolution Series and the most popular Target Series of release aids from historical Carter Enterprises. The Attraction has a very unique trigger and safety mechanism that allows the archer to execute the exact same shot regardless of the preferred activation method.




The Hammer was designed and named after Tim Gillingham, (The Hammer) winner of eight major pro tournaments in 2006 including the Big Sky Open in Mesquite which he won shooting the Hammer. The Hammer has a new shaped casing that is more form-fitting to the hand.



Ember I

Accurate and versatile enough for the target shooter or hunter the Ember 1 and Ember 2 are the fastest, most accurate, easiest loading and best tuning releases on the market today. The Ember 1 and Ember 2 feature a handle design that is a half-inch shorter than previously designed hand-held release aids enabling the archer to shoot a half-inch longer draw and increase arrow speeds up to 5 fps.



Chocolate Lite
Available in 3 & 4 finger models. The Chocolate Lite is a revolutionary release that takes the best of the Carter releases and molds them into one masterful package. Like the Chocolate Addiction, it offers an AUTO-CLOSING JAW perfect for hunters, and is designed for medium to large hands. Discover how sweet your shooting can be with the Chocolate Lite.



Just B-Cuz

We may not need a reason, but couldn’t resist the temptation to keep making something great even better.The slight curvature to this three- finger hole provides for amazing comfort and high accuracy with every shot. Great for any size hands.



Fits Me Too

Wishing for the perfect fit? The Fits Me Too just became more versatile in this innovative design offering the same index finger hole as the Fits Me but with a straighter handle. Still great for small hands, but also accommodating to medium-sized hands, this release is determined to fit you too!



Chocolate Addiction

Available in 3 & 4 finger models. The Chocolate Addiction is one of our most adjustable releases. At the base of the trigger lever are three holes. The first one adjusts trigger travel while the other two are spring-loaded to affect trigger tension. The tension and travel setting options are endless. That”s not all folks. The cocking lever on the back closes the hook with one motion. Place hook on release rope or D-loop, and push cocking lever, simple as that.



Insatiable +

The Insatiable is a simple, no-nonsense release that many pros rely on when the shots count. The Insatiable offers the latest design in comfort and control. Smooth, round edges disperse pressure evenly across the fingers. The arched handle helps place the elbow at a more natural position for better control.



Fits Me +

The name says it all! Designed to fit smaller hands, the Fits Me + takes its styling cues from the ever-so-popular Insatiable. With its smooth rounded casings, it is one of the most comfortable releases we offer. The Fits Me + is one of our most popular releases for ladies. So, if you have smaller hands and can’t find the perfect release, pick up this one and you’ll shout, “It Fits Me!”




Experience sensational shots with the Sensation trigger release from Carter Enterprises. This sleek release offers an ergonomically shaped handle that is based off the #1 selling series of Evolution releases. The open hook design is perfect for fast and quiet cocking and loading to string.



Target 3 +

The three-finger design of the Target 3 allows you to drop your little finger off the release while still giving you all of the preferred features of the Target 4. We are sure it will be one of your favorites. It’s one of our’s !



Target 4 +

Formerly known as the BK Target, The Target 4 is one of our most popular releases. It is a closed reversed jaw, four-finger, thumb-trigger release. The four finger design is very comfortable for medium hands and the rounded corners give you the feeling it is custom made for your grip.

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